The Big Scuba Duo was created at an open jam between two relative strangers who picked an easily replaceable name and booked a couple 'trial shows'. Scuba Steve and Big John realized their vocal harmonies worked well, and what was the worst that could happen?

Well, the worst that could happen is those couple of shows turned into a summer of booking faster than they could change that "easily replaceable name", and now, after over 600 shows, 12 years, and a close friendship of happenstance, The Big Scuba Duo has been a mainstay in the Green Bay music scene for over a decade.

Their acoustic covers, vocal stylings, live request, and comedic banter have made them a fan favorite, and with gigs ranging from small venue to mainstages and large events to even Lambeau Field's top floor lounge, this duo is having the time of their lives and show no sign of slowing down.